Community Entrepreneurship

Is it possible to overcome poverty? and the elimination of hunger? Is it possible to cope with the disease? The answer to these questions seems very difficult and seems far from reach at the moment, but the world is full of many social entrepreneurs who believe in their ability to transform the world into a better place. These pioneers pioneered the concept of entrepreneurship. Social, and thanks to their efforts evolved, and gave the world hope for a better tomorrow … What is social leadership?

The term social entrepreneurship refers to people who establish an initiative or organization aimed at meeting a specific need of society (social or environmental need). This initiative or institution is characterized as non-profit but achieves a material return or reasonable profit margin to be injected within the enterprise to develop projects and to meet their material needs to ensure their continuity and their ability to perform the tasks entrusted to their implementation.

Profitability and social entrepreneurship and NGOs

Social entrepreneurship is a middle stage between NGOs and entrepreneurial entrepreneurship. Social entrepreneurship works to achieve the objectives of NGOs, but in the way and mechanisms of entrepreneurial profitability. While NGOs rely on financial aid and donations, On the basis of their activities, social entrepreneurship organizations seek to make a profit in order to ensure independence and to continue without relying on intermittent and unsecured donations.

On the other hand, despite the adoption of social entrepreneurship institutions on the methods of business enterprises profitability, but the differences between them are very clear, while the social development institutions receive support and donations In addition to its work to provide independent sources of income, financially. While the social entrepreneurship institutions seek to solve problems and help people without looking at their own money, the foundations of entrepreneurial profitability are mainly seeking to satisfy their client, moving to his place of existence without the money Or a specific place of action, while social entrepreneurship institutions are linked to a particular place until their own problem is resolved and the purpose for which they were created is implemented.

What are the qualities of a community entrepreneur?

To achieve the goals for which community entrepreneurship is created, and because of the difficulty of it, and the need for people of a special nature from those who spend their time and money for others, the community entrepreneur has three main qualities to help him move forward towards achieving his goals:


A community entrepreneur must know very well that his path will be difficult and that he will face many obstacles and pressures, sometimes reaching the war to maintain interests, as was the case with Brazilian community entrepreneur Fabio Rosa who wanted to transform the electricity system from a three- phases) that farmers cannot pay the price of electricity produced through it, to a single-phase system at a lower cost, faced the electricity company project, and stood against him, and without the insistence of men, and passion and desire to prevail for the rights of farmers in his country, They do not have it.

Deep understanding of the community

The social entrepreneur should be fully aware of the circumstances of his or her community and its problems. Deep understanding of the community helps to design solutions that are appropriate for the community, which contributes to the success of the projects directed at it and enhances its chances of success. Do not take into account some of the criteria for the community to be transferred to experience, which leads to the experience of failure to complete.

Ability to join talented

The entrepreneur cannot work alone. No matter how talented and effective the entrepreneur is, he cannot manage the business alone, especially if it is aimed at serving a large group of people. Therefore, the social entrepreneur must have the ability to attract and bring talented people to his team, to work and achieve the objectives of the entrepreneurial institution.

Social Entrepreneurship and the Arab World

Social entrepreneurship is a lifeline and an important means of assistance to the Arab world, which is full of social and environmental problems, which increases the role of social entrepreneurship institutions and places more responsibility on them. A close look at the Arab world is that many of the regions suffer from poverty and unemployment problems. There is a sharp decline in the quality of education, health, culture and other services. Governments and private institutions must encourage this kind of entrepreneurship to help solve these deep problems.

In fact, in recent years, the Arab world has witnessed a boom in community entrepreneurship. Many institutions have emerged for the first time. Many NGOs have developed themselves to move more into the community entrepreneurship model to ensure continuity and spending on their needs independently.

Despite the multiplicity of Arab initiatives and institutions working in this area, the reality is that we still need to fold these institutions to cover the problems and acute lack of services experienced by large areas of the Arab world.

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