Excellent Programs for Entrepreneurs

The term “Entrepreneurship” is rich in concepts that have dealt with its various dimensions; it is the field that develops a range of scientific and practical skills that strongly contribute to starting a new business by linking it to the ability to create unprecedented opportunities. Thus, several educational programs for the development of entrepreneurial capacities were designed, which should be focused on by new entrepreneurs and others, and will develop the entrepreneurial system of business, and so help young people and entrepreneurs in the establishment of small and medium enterprises.
One of the most popular international training programs for entrepreneurs is the ILFEN qualification program. The license is defined as a certificate awarded to a person qualified for the launch of a business; it allows him to establish a free entrepreneurial work. The Arabic version of it was officially announced in 2009.
The Saudi Entrepreneurship Association has taken responsibility for developing the Arabic version of the International Entrepreneurship License for four years. A US and Arab team has been contracted for a year and a half to prepare the program. It has been implemented in both Arabic and English by about 10,000 men and women trainees, as to create a suitable environment for entrepreneurship, because it is a top priority for 2030 vision.
Extension services with ILFEN:
After the approval, many ILFEN training courses were held for men and women using the latest scientific and practical applications and innovative exercises, mainly the skills of turning the idea into a new opportunity to launch a commercial project and then preparing the future plans of action. The courses also included the methods of funding, marketing and administration, in addition to providing participants with the necessary practical and technical skills.
This intensive program which the trainee or future entrepreneur for the business is trained on enables her/him, before obtaining the international leadership license, make real and tangible use of the expertise of trainers, both in terms of funding or marketing, human resources, market studies, and others which all fall under the Association of Entrepreneurship.
The license then provides extension services free of charge to the trainee, but provided that he starts a real project for 3 months.
Advantages of Being Awarded the License
 Of the advantages granted by the license to trainees; learning how to create small projects, to develop the managerial and leadership skills of the applicant, teaching the principles of professional business plan development, training in project management and team leadership, mastering the use of business software, obtaining a license to create and manage small projects and the provision of three-month extension services to promising entrepreneurs, because it is an intensive program of entrepreneurship, in which the trainee can simulate all the conditions and situations that he may deal with when managing his nascent project, not only that, but he is also provided with free consultation while leading his project as to facilitate all avenues for success and stability.
AMIDEAST Programs for the Development of the Entrepreneurship Training Environment
AMIDEAST plays a pivotal role in developing the entrepreneurship environment to stimulate job creation and drive economic development in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region through promising and developed programs and entrepreneurship training.
The organization offers online training programs for young entrepreneurs and owners of new projects in many countries, such as Lebanon, Oman, Morocco, Tunisia and the West Bank.
On top of these programs is the “Awareness of entrepreneurship” program. It is a pilot program offered by the center to Arab women in Arab countries and the Middle East to develop their skills and qualifications for the job market as outstanding business leaders who contribute positively and effectively to raising the economic growth rates of their countries and the fight against unemployment in coordination with the University of Wilson, USA, as these programs were developed on scientific basis by specialized academics.
Its main objectives are to support Arab girls looking for a new career in entrepreneurship, providing short-term training in leadership skills, business and financial management, and focusing on practical activities that review business and finance issues. In summer 2009, the program resulted in training 24 girls from Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Oman and the United Arab Emirates at the University of Wilson.
In the same context, AMIDEAST also participated in the “Young Women Entrepreneurship Awareness” Program, which was piloted in Oman, Tunisia and Yemen in 2009, and the final secondary school students were trained on the basis of entrepreneurship; in order to expand the application of programs to Young women of all ages, with the aim of broadening the marketing of the concept of women entrepreneurs and their role in economic life.
Bahrain Experience for Entrepreneurs Training
The “Entrepreneurship Training and Development” Program in Bahrain, supported by the Arab Center for Entrepreneurship Development and Training (ARCENT), was launched in cooperation with the Bahrain Ministry of Industry and Commerce, Bahrain Development Bank, Bahrain Businesswomen Association and Bahrain Young Entrepreneurs Association. The program started with the aim at training and development of entrepreneurs in order to stimulate small and medium enterprises since 2005.
The program was then transferred to a large number of countries in the Middle East, called the Bahrain Entrepreneurial Training Experiment, which provides qualified human resources that support potential entrepreneurs and open up prospects for collaboration with international institutions involved in facilitating and developing microenterprises. The program is the most important if it achieves its long-term goals.
The “Entrepreneurship Training and Development” program is the first step in an integrated series of qualification and training programs for pioneers. The overall stages of the project consist of four main stages, which eventually lead to the establishment of small and medium enterprises.
The first phase of the program involves the training of entrepreneurs, the development of their abilities on theoretical grounds, and the creation of the spirit of creativity within them. The program emphasizes that many individuals do not have the skills of leadership or ambition to create new work, but through behavioral and mental tests can be rehabilitated so they become entrepreneurs.
This is done through programs that develop their personal skills, provide them with a sense of confidence and ability to innovate, establish and manage their own projects, provide them with knowledge, financial and technical skills, abilities to analyze inputs and outputs, and successfully cope with various crises.
Magic Recipe for Success from the “Stone Soup” Program
One of the successful training programs is the “Establishment of A Commercial or Social” program. The course is free online and is inspired by the book “Stone Soup – The Secret Recipe for Making Something from Nothing”. It covers 26 key elements of entrepreneurship, Including the successful project founder.
In addition to the above-mentioned ambitious programs, there are several other successful, influential and supportive programs for businessmen, the most important of which are the following:
– “Entrepreneurship – Business Creation” program offered by (ALISON); it is available free of charge on the Internet, interested in identifying the characteristics of business entrepreneurs, highlight the study of business models and marketing strategies; as to indulge the trainees in a practical atmosphere and give them the knowledge of the different market mechanisms, so as to help them choose the right market to enter.
The “Successful Entrepreneurial Properties” program is provided by co-founder Handspring, and Jeff Hawkins, an architect who designed a lot of computing products, such as PalmTool and TreoTreo. This program contributes to the development of training courses to qualify for entrepreneurship.
In this course, Hawkins discusses his career, how he has become organized, the importance of faith in your own product, and teaches how to maintain the balance between work and life, how to design successful products, the importance of market research and continuous testing of products.
He explains how to create a good business culture, understand human resources policy and the importance of using smart technology. He provides a commercial summary to help young entrepreneurs know the difficulties faced by former entrepreneurs who have successfully built successful projects and how they have resisted these obstacles which challenged them by thought, planning, science and hard work.
The program, in addition to young entrepreneurs, is aimed at businessmen, business school students and those wishing to establish technology related projects.
“Creating Business in its Beginnings,” presented by Jay Kawasaki, an Apple employee, on the Internet for free. He gives effective project lessons during this course and why it is believed that the most successful companies are seeking to make positive changes in society.
It also addresses the definition of business models and career path from the beginning to the point where a trainee becomes a businessman; the course is of great importance to entrepreneurs.
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