How innovative ideas are generated

Innovation is simply doing something different to meet a need or a gap in the market. It does not mean doing something different for just the difference, but to address a defect or prevent a deficiency, or to enhance a service, add a feature to a product, or improve the work of a machine. On the creative thinking that escapes from the traditional point of view, and given the importance of innovations in the lives of nations, peoples, individuals and institutions, many techniques and mechanisms have evolved to help innovators complete and reap the benefits of innovation.

All the important works need to be innovative. To be one of the innovators, you can innovate and use techniques to produce innovative ideas in an effective way. First, isolate the problem or topic, then ask questions about your ideas’ features and features, list all brainstorming results, Then choose the most likely part of innovation.

There are many tools to support and generate innovative ideas, including:


Brainstorming is one of the most common ways of business innovation, and brainstorming is common in organizations around the world. Successful brainstorming sessions generate ideas, discuss them, and refine their usefulness.

But there are some problems that affect brainstorming sessions, hampering the desired goal, and lead to disappointing results. For example, a brainstorming session may involve hesitant, or poorly trusting people in their brainstorming, The dominance of one or two people on the whole group, which leads to the cessation of the contribution of the rest, but whatever the reason for the cessation of your brainstorming session, alternative brainstorming techniques can help to encourage contributions from all concerned.

Generating innovative ideas:

There are a number of alternative ways of brainstorming that can help you generate innovative ideas, including: looking at problems in different ways. A different perspective can solve the problem. One way of looking at things slows down the flow of innovative ideas. On the issue; both in his view; new views will generate more ideas.

You should also look for ways to incorporate traditional or regular ideas into one new innovative idea, and make your ideas visual. Through drawing, you can capture ideas. Drawing stimulates the generation of more innovative ideas.

Think of antibodies. Instead of asking the problem directly, you can ask it in reverse, such as “How can we ensure that no one will buy this new product?” This one example makes you pick up ideas on the contrary, and will illuminate the thoughts in your mind to solve the actual problem .

If you have time to think about the subject and let your mind work on it for a while, it will create better and better ideas, It allows you to be in the best mental readiness.

Working by giving people a specific and simple goal will lead to a longer list of ideas to consider. Giving your goal generates ideas that are slightly higher than you think you can get.

Engage everyone in brainstorming:

Although there are long-standing proposal boxes, emerging innovation organizations are taking these online feedback systems to become a powerful and powerful way of creating companies. Organizations can expand their ideas by including more staff in the new product service process and thinking about solving organizational problems. To encourage employees to listen to customers and do not allow managers, technical specialists, procurement experts, finance or human resources to participate in product development decisions, services and the new market unless they spend at least 20% of their time M with customers and current (or future) suppliers.

New products often begin with ideas from customers, rather than internal brainstorming sessions, or internally developed through R & D. The involvement of clients comes with the best thinking, and startups go beyond brainstorming, research, and other techniques; Because it seeks more powerful visions and ideas.

For example, BMW has created what it calls the Virtual Innovation Agency (VIA) to listen to customers directly; owners of this type of car worldwide can access the VIA website and join online discussions; Their ideas with other enthusiasts, with the BMW Group, allow the VIA application process to anyone with access to the Internet providing ideas, ideas are protected, and if the idea is possible, they are directed to the appropriate business group at the company to follow up, and Within the first week of the launch of “VIA”, has been received 4000 idea.

As time goes on, organizations develop new ways of doing business by engaging customers in thinking at different rates. Look outside your industry or industry for ideas on how to get customer input into the brainstorming process.

Making use of the experiences and experiences of customers:

More creative ideas can be generated through direct contact with customers, and learning from them. By monitoring what they are not doing, listening to what they are not saying, identifying their sources of frustration, and finding potential ways to eliminate those sources, expand your existing customers or customers , Instead of looking at the present only, see also to the past (former customers), ask how they can meet the needs of these customers, and how to retrieve the customers who have dropped out of you. Finally, with the world changing faster and faster, the ideas and methods of operation that were enough yesterday are no longer adequate. Given the turbulence of more industries, the acceleration of products, and the convergence of strategies, companies that rely on yesterday’s ideas and yesterday’s products, Are more vulnerable, so institutions should seriously consider the climate in which thinking occurs, encourage the generation of innovative ideas, put in place a person who is responsible for constantly improving innovation, and invest in creative innovation and creative thinking courses for the year. And to conduct internal competitions among employees to create creative ideas that contribute to the renaissance of institutions. They should encourage employees to read creatively, attend seminars and continuously seek to improve their skills in constructive innovation

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