Internet Language

I received a text message from a friend some time ago, and when I tried to read it I found myself completely helpless; because it was written in Sanskrit for me!

The letter was written in English letters, with some numbers inside the same words, but the words are Arabic! .. When I asked about it, I learned that this is the modern Internet language, and most readers must know it because it spread very quickly and on a large scale, Users of modern technology.

After reading the letter with the help of other people who were familiar with this language, I wondered how difficult it was for my friend to send me his letter either in Arabic or English. I still do not understand the lesson of using English letters and numbers to write Arabic words!

And I do not hide you secretly I felt a small poke in my heart, because of what came to the Arabic language, and remembered the house of poetry that Hafez Ibrahim in the last century, speaking on the tongue of Arabic:

(I am the sea in the depths of the potential Darr * Did they ask the diver about my wounds?)

I thought Hafez Ibrahim would be shocked if he saw what happened to the seashells today.

In fact, I do not understand why some young Arabs are using their language in this form of indifference, recklessness and neglect, forgetting that it is one of the oldest and oldest languages in the world and that it is the language of the Koran and the most expressive language.

Because of its status in the hearts of the sons of this civilization .. And through it arrived dozens of Arab writers and poets to the world; to the magnificence of what they wrote pens, and the beauty of what they expressed their feelings and dreams and anger and anger and joy ..

Unfortunately, this language is no longer the same as it was a century ago. Today you speak to an Arab person about a grandfather. He asks you to speak in English because his vehicle is weak. In fact, I do not know how this person improved his English language and mastered it. Polishing his Arabic language spoken by his ancestors thousands of years ago!

Some people have come to be shy about speaking Arabic, so much so that they rely on English to communicate with their family members.

We can not deny the importance of English in our lives. I encourage everyone to learn it in accordance with its basic rules and to master it as a universal language, which we can use in any part of the world. But I do not like to substitute for the mother language. Identity.

anxiety has raised the fact that some American Indian tribes in South America are doing their best to preserve their original languages, customs and beliefs, fearing the drift of civilization and melting into other civilizations far from their Indian roots. Some of these tribes are only a few hundred !

At a time when some Arabs are doing their best to get rid of the most beautiful language, as if they were a disgrace !! Unfortunately, despite the efforts of some Arab governments, in an attempt to restore the glory of the Arabic language and to be considered the official language of correspondence in the State, respecting its status and moral value among its people, some of the people of this time reject it. Expressions from here and there, to get out the words as a peaked call in contrasting colors, you hardly understand a word of what has been said, so that you gather your information and vocabulary from the other language; to understand the phrase in its final form, and if you do not, you are certainly (unfashionable) or (cool) Begin by learning the language of the Internet to be worthy Life in this time, this place

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