Is the customer, always right?

We look the other way on human dignity in exchange for mere material gains, so we lose in a fleeting moment both of them just because the rule says: “The customer is always right!”

Repeated scenes daily with many commercial and services establishments, all based on their specialization, at banks, hotels, resorts, commercial stores, and the rule of the righteous customer remains the basis of transactions between both ends, and the question here is: Is the customer really, always right?

Yahya Sayed Omar

Surely, this rule was made to achieve client satisfaction, and earning their trust, and maintaining the reputation of the establishment in its field of business, but on the other hand, there is a losing party in this equation, that is the employee; because many establishments do not pay heed to the satisfaction of its customers, and does not consider its effect on their job performance, while realizing that the attempt to gain one client, may cause them to lose many others; and after its employees are abused psychologically and morally, it will definitely be forced to reconsider the matter.

Employees are mere mortals, and the probability of making mistake is not out of the question, so this matter must be taken into account, and estimate the size of the punishment that fits the mistakes made, while making the concept of tolerance an ongoing matter that is taken into consideration from time to time; encouraging the employee and boosting his allegiance towards his establishment. Additionally, some behavior by the employee cannot be categorized as right or wrong; because some matters must be taken into consideration in each situation: Such as the psychological state of the employee and customer alike, and the extent of the problem in question, and the possibility to overlook it, and the customer’s social and financial status in the eyes of the company, and others.

On the other hand, … It would seem that the members of the society we live in still get their impressions from those whom they shouldn’t do so, the negative opinion of a client towards one company or commercial store does not necessarily mean its services are bad or its merchandise is poor; because the evaluation must not be based on a single experience, so if people’s impressions become more reasonable and rational, I believe the matter of companies fearing to upset a wrong-doing client shall no longer occupy a piece of their mind, so that the rule becomes: “The customer is right only as long as he is right..”

Successful corporations and establishments, are those who can maintain the balance in the equation of customer and employee satisfaction, and that is not a dilemma; as they are not two opposites at war, but two parties exchanging benefits, no matter what the company’s domain is, the client needs a commodity or a service, and at the same time, the employee needs to get his work going and for his establishment to flourish, which leads to the necessity of reconciling both ends to reach a state of equilibrium in the equation for satisfaction. In the saying of the most honorable of all men, our prophet Mohammed peace be upon him is the recipe to make this equation work when he said: “peace be upon the soul of he who is forgiving if he sold and if he bought, and if he needed”.

Despite that, the establishment must select its employees well, and train them the classy methods of dealing with clients, and reward them in case no complaints were filed against them throughout certain periods, and it must also realize that customer satisfaction will not be a reality unless it is through an employee who is stable on the inside, and feels his human dignity and value at the place he works at, so that this feeling reflects on its own in his dealings and capacity to persuade and accept others.

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