Is the customer right .. always ?!

In our lives, some things we do not know a source, or even a justification, we hear it so we repeat it and then apply – or apply to us – sometimes unconscious of us…

We overlook some of human dignity in exchange for purely material considerations, to lose in a fleeting moment because al-Qaeda says: “The customer is always right!”

By Yahya Omar

Frequent scenes on a daily basis with many business and service institutions, each according to his specialty, in banks, hotels, resorts and shops, and the right customer base remains the basis of the deal between the parties. The question here: Is the customer already right always ?!

Certainly, this rule has been developed to achieve customer satisfaction, gain their trust, and maintain the reputation of the institution in its field of work, but in return there is a loser in this equation, the employee; because many institutions do not pay attention to the satisfaction of their employees, On their job performance, while the enterprise’s understanding that trying to win a customer may make it lose many others; after being abused for its employees psychologically and morally, you will have to rethink it!

And the probability of their error coming in, so this matter must be taken into account, and the amount of appropriate punishment for the magnitude of the wrong committed must be assessed, with the principle of tolerance being taken from time to time to encourage the employee and to strengthen his affiliation with his institution. Some behaviors that the employee can initiate towards the client can not be classified as true or false. Some things need to be taken into account in each situation: the mental state of the employee and client alike, the size of the problem that is different, and the possibility of ignoring The company’s social and material status for the company, and others.

On the other hand, it seems that the society in which we live is still taking their impressions, which should not be taken from them. In the opinion of a passive trader about a company or shops, it does not necessarily mean poor services or bad goods. The evaluation is not supposed to be based on To one experience, if people’s impressions are rational and logical, I think that the issue of companies’ fear of upsetting an erroneous trader will no longer occupy the space of their thinking or interest. The rule then becomes: “The customer is right as long as he is right only with him.”

Successful institutions and companies are the ones that can strike a balance in the equation of satisfaction between the customer and the employee. This is not a dilemma; they are not belligerent parties, but mutually beneficial, no matter what the field of specialization of the institution, the customer needs a good or service, The employee needs to go to work and flourish his institution, and this leads to the need to reconcile the two to reach a state of balance in the equation of satisfaction. In an interview with the Prophet Muhammad, peace and blessings be upon him what achieves this equation when he said: “God has mercy if a man sold, if bought, if required.”

However, the organization should continue to improve the selection of its employees, train them in high-level customer relationships, and reward them if no complaint is made against one of them by a customer over certain periods. It must also realize that customer satisfaction can only be achieved by an employee who has internal stability, and feels his human dignity and value in the place where he works, to reflect this feeling automatically in his dealings and his ability to persuade and accept others.

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