Small Enterprises by and for Young People

Youth is the most important stage in the life of human beings. For society, this stage represents a real wealth and a massive value because it is full of vigor, energy and enthusiasm. That is the reason why, people in this stage aspire to reach a decent and a safe life, and they look forward to achieving futuristic ambitions that might help them have a stable life, a comfortable and secure one which benefits their society at different levels, including the economic and social ones.

Young people play different roles in relation to building and developing society as a whole: They tend to be a part of all the issues relating to making decisions and creating plans and strategies which aim to develop the society in an economic and social manner. Therefore, young people participate in designing the general goals and finding the best tools to achieve them, for they are the best to prioritize their needs in the real world.

Young people have a fundamental role in the process of development for they have proven that their presence is successful and effective, regarding that the benefit of development will go first to them and then their society. Their participation covers different areas, activities and social dimensions and is not limited to a strict set of actions. Accordingly, they start with defining social problems, they search for solutions and make plans, and then they work hard to implement them. This type of participation supports the process of development.

Social and government bodies also play an important role in resorting to young people in the process of construction and development to reach a real social revival.

Small enterprises are certainly in need for young people for they are the key to success. Their real participation in the construction of social economy is also urgent. So, in this article, we will clarify the role of young people in building a society, especially in the economic domain and, we will shed the light on their needs in the phase of construction and development.

The Importance of Young People’s Presence for the Construction of Society:

Young people have a crucial role to play in the process of building the society; they should be there in the social, political and economic domains, as they are the most aspiring social segment and the nation’s futuristic fuel. They are important because they own the ability and the energy needed for creating a change and enhancing creativity and innovation. They keep looking to the future with enough flexibility to transform, create and inspire different booms in the society and in the different areas of action.   They have enough energy and enthusiasm to force establishments and fundamental committees into movement to achieve progress and innovation, as well as the ability to think and come up with solutions and suggesting substitutes for many social activities. In addition to this, they are ready to participate in social reform, construction and development for they are the real core to alleviate the futuristic society based on certain fundamentals and technology.

Young people are the most active and the larger number of the society’s components. That is why they aspire to reach a decent life, which they put a lot of effort to achieve. They are a massive economic force that society must utilize for holistic development, to guarantee success, progress and economic welfare. Because they are that strong, people always think of small enterprises and the role of young people in relation to such projects.

In general, small enterprises suite young people because such projects do not demand a huge capital in the beginning. And because they fundamentally depend on young people’s skills in production. In addition to this, many young people are independent and prefer to relay on themselves, another reason which makes small enterprises the best tool to incorporate them.

Small enterprises differ according to the actions they are based on and the field they are interested in. There are many standards which define the nature of these projects, including the number of employees, the capital, the amount of sales, the marketing ability, the project’s idea, and the services which it offers and how much people do really need these services.

The Basic Elements to Build a Society:

There is no doubt that social development cannot be achieved without the participation of all social segments, especially young people, who must be included in developmental, economic, social and cultural efforts. This conclusion is reached based on the experiences and attempts of other nations and countries, as well as successful models around the world. To enhance social work, create the spirit of cooperation, and to achieve equality in opportunities and other known areas, young people’s participation must be guaranteed.

To create a suitable environment and the needed climate for small enterprises, some of young people’s needs should be met, including feeling safe for themselves and for the future of the projects they are working on in their society. We should discuss with them all the new ideas in the world and encourage them to be creative and innovative, for they are a part and a parcel of the society which they belong to. We also need to provide them with incubators that can contain their ideas, and work to market and develop their thoughts. Furthermore, we need to train them, so they would be able to be leaders in the market, accordingly, able to push forward the process of economic development.

When the needed tools and resources become available, the role of young people begins; they must work and participate in economic development. Their developmental role includes the following: The participation in building society in an economic and intellectual manner, constant training to acquire new skills and participation in small enterprise. They also have to offer what they own, skills, expertise and knowledge, to help in the expansion of the basis on which projects start, to come up with new projects and enhance new values and concepts.

Young people’s participation in the social educational and cultural programs, their involvement in the internal and external labor market and their contributions which help their society have new export based chances, are all factors that support national economy in general.

If we are keen to realize a holistic economic, social and developmental vision in relation to youth in the Arab region, we should create a communication network that help them keep in touch. Through this network, they can share important modern subject matters, work to find solutions and substitutes, direct universities and research centers to study small enterprises and find the priorities which contribute to the achievement of a sound economic renaissance to utilize in achieving society construction and development through creating clear mechanisms to benefit from  young people’s efforts in the different fields of work.


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