The ten keys to success in life!!…

“When you wish for success, as much as the drowned grasp for air, you shall achieve success!”, a quote attributed to the famous Greek philosopher Socrates, that makes success coupled with necessity, so if the will driven by the urgent need represents the fundamental key to success according to the saying of the greatest philosopher of Greece, the reality indicates that achieving success is not by kind wishes nor by goodwill but it is by will and management, coupled with a work programme supported by a slew of stimulators and experiences.

And if reaching success in life is considered a noble goal to every man, the elements of personal will alone will not suffice to reach this goal, unless it is accompanied by a scientific and practical administration according to plan that designates steps and dimensions, and then administrating the keys toward success is itself presented as a central subject for this multi-dimensional task, in which we will be limited to the practical aspect, by the strongly framed address and the need designated by the subject, through answering a question about what the keys to success are in this life?

The first key: Having faith

One of the main keys to success, believing in an able, great creator god, that destined the matters of the living, and urged us to be united by him, and accept his will, feel his bounty and aid, while taking the wherefore of elevation and progress in all aspects of life. Life without faith is life without purpose, like a feather blown by the winds. Faith here is a moral basis and a main anchor for man, and without it the self will be disturbed, and lose its way, and deviate the direction and course, and the absence of an internal motive for progression, elevation, and overcoming the odds.

The Second key: Upholding good manners.

Good manners, including the kind word, is the key to closed doors, and the way to solve intractable issues, and melting the ice of hostility and hatred, and in the end, only those who can build bridges of mutual trust and cordiality can succeed, and good manner is the basis of building a good reputation, and committing to origins and noble values. On the contrary are negative behaviours that lead to many losses throughout the diverging life paths

The third key: innovation and creativity

There is no doubt that progress and change are inevitable in life, as god almighty has made it capable of change and innovation, and it is one of the secrets of the continuum of existence, as remaining at the same state means inertia and death, and those who wish to succeed in their personal and career lives must demonstrate renovation, innovation and evolution, and if creativity, at some part of it, a gift born with some people, then, on the other hand, it is an art like any other that can be acquired by learning, practicing diligence.

The fourth key: Sorting out priorities

Life is crowded with demands and different purposes, and one’s list of priorities is what determines where he stands in life, and often losers are the victims of their unsorted priorities and their chaotic perceptions, and the successful person is he who sorts matters according to their importance, and places daily, weekly and monthly timetables for his tasks, and attempts to commit to them as much as possible, so he exploits the best times to accomplish matters of utmost importance, while having the required flexibility to added fun and sense of humour to his work, and adding emergency work to the daily task schedule.

The fifth key: having patience and endurance

Only those who hang on to patience can achieve success, and spent much time and effort to do so. The successful is he who is spearheads work to achieve success, knowing that the real challenge in achieving work lies in undertaking it with all he has, while ensuring to make more effort today then yesterday, as one’s capabilities far exceed his own assumption, and the characteristic of the true hard worker is credibility, earnestness, patience and discipline.

The sixth key: Commitment to respecting and appreciating others.

The successful person is a popular figure, close to others, friendly and sows the seeds of friendship among others, desires to others what he desires upon himself, respects the feelings of others; and he is well-connected, has many friends and relatives, because of his courteous behaviour and well dealing with and appreciation of others, and life experiences always tell us that it is impossible to find a successful person with few friends, many enemies, bad mannered and ill-treating, as those are the attributes of failure and demolition of success.

The seventh key: Useful knowledge and continuous education

Self-fulfilment and the sustainability of success; are only possible by seeking useful knowledge and turning life into an area of continuous education, as the successful do not waste a day without learning something useful for now or the future. And so, learning something new every day, and continuously educating the self, and ever seeking new ways to acquired more knowledge; is the effective weapon against the hardships of life. The successful has a strong personality, unique style, confident in his words, ambitious with his ideas, and eager to develop himself, seeks after leaning a new language, or searching a new field of knowledge, which unlocks his creative and at the same time innovative mind to new horizons.

The eighth key: Planning and setting objectives.

The successful person is the one who sets his goals, and plans well to achieve them, and does not get through life by improvisation without a clear plan, as it is impossible for improvisation and chaos to yield anything but failure, as planning only leads to success, and those who seek success do not yield to old rules, but he makes them a springboard to his open mind to all that is new, through revising his plans and objectives continuously, and making the necessary adjustments to it according to emerging circumstances, and with that he does not skip steps to get to the top, and does not get there unless by making steady progress and discipline planning.

The ninth key: Making good use of time and harnessing opportunities

In order for one to become successful in his life, he must make use of his time from the moment he wakes up in the morning to the last moment before he sleeps, in useful and good work, such as learning languages and opening to other cultures and benefiting from technologies and practising hobbies and sports, the mind has as much right as the body to be active, and balancing between food for thought, and physical and practical activity is a necessary matter that facilitates the means of success and makes it closer to those who wish for them diligently and in earnest.

The tenth key: Leaning about one’s self and the size of capacities.

The Successful person understands his own self well, and knows his advantages as well as his shortcomings, which is why you would see him begin from his own self, and attempts to successfully manage his own, by curbing his shortcomings and investing in his advantages and strength points. And he is with that knowledge, self-confident, always holding on to qualities that lead to success, which are represented by always trying, learning, thinking, diligence, and creativity. All that alongside having faith that stems from on the assistance of Allah, and relying on him, while understanding the reasons behind failure, and learning from mistakes, and considering each fall a strong motive to get back up and continue the road to success.

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